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<li>[[ZEuS_Students|Wiki home page for students]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Students|Wiki home page for students]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese/en|Bookmarks - Overview]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese|Bookmarks - Overview]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese_Bearb/en|Edit existing bookmarks]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese_Bearb|Edit existing bookmarks]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese_Meine/en|My bookmarks]]</li>
<li>[[ZEuS_Lese_Meine|My bookmarks]]</li>

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Overview - bookmark menu items

Are you returning to a particular ZEuS page a lot and don't want to navigate the menu every time? You can easily create a bookmark that will take you to the page you need in two clicks.


To create a bookmark, follow these steps:

  • Open the page you want to create a bookmark for, for example My studiesStudent service.
  • Click on BookmarksCreate a new bookmark to open the bookmark window.
Screen shot

About the fields

none|24x24px Enter the Title of your bookmark → this is a mandatory field. This is the title that will be shown in the Bookmarks menu.
none|24x24px Add a short Description of the page you’re bookmarking to remind yourself of its contents and of the reason you created a bookmark for it in the first place.
none|24x24px Here you can create a keyboard Shortcut for the menu item you just created a bookmark for.
none|24x24px Save your bookmark.

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