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Once you have filtered your internship and job postings for suitable criteria as described in the article Find current internships and job offers - Search, you will be shown a table listing all search results matching your criteria.

This article has all the information you need about this as well as additional editing options.

How to

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Find current internships and job offers - Search results

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Your search results are shown in a table. You can sort individual columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on Published on, Job offer or Company.
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Click on the looking glass icon in the Actions resp. in the column with the EXA icon AktionenHamburger.png symbol to view details about the posting.
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The Actions resp. the column with the EXA icon AktionenHamburger.png symbol also has a printer icon, which will take you to a print preview of the individual posting.
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You can view the date and time of publication in the Published on column. This will help you understand whether the offer is still current. Usually, offers that are older than three months will be deleted automatically, unless an application deadline is provided.
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The Job offer column includes the title of the position offered, which links to the detail page.
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Information about the publisher is available in the Company column.
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The column Place of work lists the location an applicant will be deployed.
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If you want to start a new search, simply click on New search.
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If you want to alter your previous search, click on Change search.
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Click on the printer icon to open a print preview of the entire results table.

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