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Mandatory registration is a process that does not require you, as a student, to take active steps to register for an exam. Instead, exam registration will be taken care of by your departmental examination office.

Depending on the department or the examination regulations, the departmental examination office will register you for certain exams either because you are required to sit them in a particular semester or because you already failed one attempt.

These provisions may also determine if you can withdraw from an exam with mandatory registration, or if sitting the exam is necessary in the first place.

If you are unsure, please contact your departmental examination office.

Like exams that you registered for yourself, all exams that you were implicitly registered for are shown in the My studies → My registrations tab.

Detailed information

How to

If there is no cancellation restriction, you can cancel your registration by clicking on the Withdraw ZEuS icon Abmelden.png-button. For more information, please read the Cancel or change an exam registration as a student article.

Cancellation restrictions

Often, the examination office will restrict the cancellation option in case of mandatory registrations for second or third attempts at an exam. If this applies to you, you cannot cancel your mandatory exam registration yourself using ZEuS, even if other students are free to do so during a cancellation period.

Please contact the relevant examination office instead.

Do you have any questions concerning mandatory exam registration? Please contact your relevant examination office in this case.

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