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Once you have selected your courses and decided to complete a performance assessment, it’s time to think about exam registration.

Typically, you can complete a performance assessment in every course you attend. You can register during the exam registration periods set by the respective departments and institutions. An overview as well as information about the exam periods is available on the page Exam registration periods - overview. You will only need to register yourself for exams you wish to complete in the next semester if you are not automatically registered via implicit or mandatory registration. Just like with course registrations, you can register for any and all exams during the applicable registration period. If this is the case, you will see a Register ZEuS icon Anmelden.png or Withdraw ZEuS icon Abmelden.png button next to the exam or exam format, depending on whether you have already registered for the exam. Once the registration period has ended, the corresponding buttons will become unavailable.

Please continue reading to find how to register for exams using ZEuS and which additional options are available. Read the Cancel or change your exam registration - overview article to learn how to withdraw from exams you have already registered for.

Start the registration process

Start the registration process by clicking on Register ZEuS icon Anmelden.png. The easiest and fastest way to start is from

Planner Of Studies with module plan - examination regulations view, which shows the exams in the context of the relevant examination regulations and courses.

However, this is only one way of starting the process. Others can be found elsewhere in the menu. See below for a full list:

Direct registration: The Register button ZEuS icon Anmelden.png appears here:

Alternative route to registration: You will be shown a Register option ZEuS icon Anmelden.png in the detailed examination view, which you can reach from the following menu items:

There are no examination regulations available for visiting and exchange students. This is why they can only use the planning tool to register for exams by the Additional voluntary course work account no. 8850.

Different registration processes

Depending on which registration process is intended for an exam, there are various ways to register:

  1. Registering for exams as a student: Exam registration with admitted status, combined with various options
    → see article Exam registration - exam registration as a student
Please note:
A TAN is necessary for examination registration. Read the Exam registration using a TAN article to learn more about where and how to generate a list with valid TAN numbers.
  1. Implicit exam registration: Registering for a course automatically registers you for the corresponding exam.
    → see article Registering for exams - implicit registration
  2. Mandatory exam registration: Students are registered for an exam by the relevant administrative staff.
    → see article Registering for exams - mandatory registration

All articles include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the individual registration processes.

Cancelling an exam registration

You can cancel your exam registration during the registration period, or switch to another exam option. Switching is possible if your department offers various exam formats, e.g. written and oral, or if you are allowed to register for several exam periods at the same time (main and supplementary dates).

Read the Cancel or change your exam registration - overviewarticle to find out more about this.

Registration status

Contrary to course registration, your registration for exams doensn't pass through different processing status. Having registered, the status becomes and stays admitted. Have a look at the glossary on examination management to get an overview of all possible status.

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