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If you want to search the university’s course catalogue, you can use the search function provided under CoursesSearch for courses . Here, you can search for courses by selecting individual characteristics.

Please read these instructions to find out how to search for the courses that are relevant to your studies.

How to

First, you need to narrow down your search criteria. The results page will offer further options.

Step 1: Search

The following contains information about how to use the search function, which comes in two versions: a standard search function that lets you enter a number of keywords and terms and an advanced search function with additional options for narrowing down search results.

Standard search

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Search for courses - standard search

ZEuS VA Suche Std en.png

If you select the standard search option, you can only enter search terms in the category Basic data.

ZEuS Stempel1.png
Click on Key words to enter one or several terms that should include the course titles you would like to see in the results list.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
Go to the drop down menu to select the Semester that you want to see search results for.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
You can also limit by Course type, if you want to search only for lectures, Practical exercises or Seminars.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
If you do not select anything in the Language of instruction menu, you will not be shown whether the courses included in your results are taught in German, English oder French, for instance. If the language of instruction is important to you, please make the appropriate selection.
ZEuS Stempel5.png
You can also enter the time on wich the courses you would like to see should take place. Use the Time from and Time to fields to enter the exact start and end time, for example Time from 8:15 and Time to 9:45. If you are looking for courses that take place during a certain time slot you can use the <= or >= signs to define the period, for example Time from >=8:00 and Time to <=13:00.
ZEuS Stempel6.png
By selecting the Rhythm you can search for courses that take place with a certain course frequency, for example weekly or block date.
ZEuS Stempel7.png
It is also possible to select a certain Weekday on which the courses of the search result should take place.
ZEuS Stempel8.png
If you are likely to use your search settings on a regular basis, you can create and save a custom search template that will be available to you every time you use the advanced search function. Click on the Save search criteria button to save and name your custom search template.
ZEuS Stempel9.png
If you need your search to be more precise, you should switch to the advanced search function, which has more search criteria for you to choose from. Click on Advanced search to show additional search options.
ZEuS Stempel10.png
Click on Search in order to show all results that match your search criteria.

Advanced search

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Search for courses - advanced search

ZEuS VA Suche Erweitert en.png

The advanced search function has more options and categories to choose from in order to get better and more specific search results.

ZEuS Stempel1.png
As with the standard search function, you will find a Basic data box that you can use to enter Key words as well as an option for selecting the Semester, Course type and Language of instruction. You can also limit your search results by entering the specific Number of the course as well as the Time from or Time to or by selecting the Rhythm or the Day.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
The options listed under Structure apply to the university structure. By selecting the appropriate option in the drop down menu, you can search for courses offered by a specific Organisational unit or Study programme.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
The Lecturers, rooms and dates categories let you search for courses taught by a particular Lecturer that take place in a particular Room or on a specific Course date.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
In order to hide the advanced search functions, simply click on the Show only quick search criteria button.
ZEuS Stempel5.png
If you are likely to use your advanced search settings on a regular basis, you can create a custom search template that will be available to you every time you use the advanced search function. Click on the Save search criteria button to save and name your custom search template.
ZEuS Stempel6.png
Click on Search in order to show all results matching your criteria.

Step 2: Search results

Your search results include all entries matching the search criteria you selected.

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Search for courses - Search result

ZEuS VA Suche Ergebnis en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
All search results matching your criteria are listed in the category Courses found. You can find further information about editing this table under items ZEuS Stempel5.png and ZEuS Stempel6.png.
Go to Actions to access the following editing and viewing options.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
Click on the looking glass symbol to view the course details.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
By clicking on the calendar icon, you can view single course dates.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
If there is a registration procedure in place for this course, you will be able to click on the corresponding icons to ZEuS icon Anmelden.png register or ZEuS icon Abmelden.png or cancel your registration, as the case may be.
Please note that you must register or cancel your registration within the registration period!

To register for a course is not to register for the corresponding exam!
You must use the StudISPrüfungen electronic student information system to register for your examinations.

You can then start the registration process, which we explain in more detail in the article on course registration.

ZEuS Stempel5.png
If the table containing your search results is too long and therefore difficult to interpret, you can filter the results for individual words or terms and narrow down the results even further. Click on the Show filter option in order to show available filter options. Further information about creating and using filters is available in the Using filters in tables article.
ZEuS Stempel6.png
You can change the way your table looks, e.g. if you want to show fewer columns, change their order or view more rows per page. In order to customise your table, select Edit tableand wait for the pop-up window to open. Detailed explanations are available in the Editing options for tables article.
ZEuS Stempel7.png
Clicking on New search will take you back to the start of the search process. In order to return to the previous settings, click on Change search.

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