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The implicit exam registration process is an automated process that does not require you, as a student, to take separate steps to register for your exams. The same applies to mandatory registration. It means that you are automatically registered for an exam as soon as you register for a course.

Like exams that you registered for yourself, all exams that you were implicitly registered for are shown in the My studies → Show my courses tab.

Detailed information

When planning courses and exams, the persons responsible can start the implicit exam registration processes themselves or implement them in the course registration and allocation process. There are two processes that can be combined with two options (cancellation restrictions / examination period).


  • Course participation: You are enrolled in a course and are therefore automatically registered for the corresponding exam.
  • Exam participation: Registering for certain examinations automatically registers you for another exam.


If you register for courses with implicit exam registration or cancel your course registration, you will usually be shown a corresponding note informing you about the resulting exam registration or cancellation.

Do you have questions about implicit exam registration? Please contact the examination office in your department.

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