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Welcome to our ZEuS-Wiki pages for students!

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The University of Konstanz’s ZEuS portal - the central entrolment and study information system - provides you with a wide range of options for planning and organising your studies! ZEuS continues to expand its range of services at the University of Konstanz. At the moment, it focuses on

  • assisting with the application process,
  • managing student information and
  • scheduling your courses and internships
  • as well as exam administration

You will find all courses for the summer semester 2021 offered in the


As a result, you will be able to search the online course catalogue and plan your studies.

New here at the University of Konstanz? - Videos explain ZEuS for freshers

You can now find information on ZEuS - your central enrolment and student portal - »here«.

Brief explanations in the form of texts and videos on the most important functions should make it easier for you to get started.

Information about Corona

Booking of time slots in the Library possible again!

Starting on Tuesday, 9 March 2021, students can study in the Library sections BG, BS and J again. You can book the following time slots via ZEuS:
  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 14:00 / 15 - 20:30
  • Saturday: 9:00 - 18:30

Booking is possible until 7:00 of the same day. You can book one time slot per day' only. If there are slots still available in the afternoon, you will be able to book between 10:00 and 14:00 of the same day. Bookings for Saturday must be made by Friday, 14:30. The Media Centre, computer pool in the Information Centre and book area N have not yet been reopened. You have to wear a medical or FFP2 mask, also when seated at your workspace. The reopening of 350 workspaces in the Library is possible because of the current Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO) and is based on the current incidence rate in the Konstanz district.
More detailed information about reserving a time slot in the Library:

Addition of a telephone number for contact tracing according to § 6 of the Corona-VO

According to § 6 of the Corona Regulation (Corona-VO) dated 23 June 2020 (in the version valid since 30 September 2020), the University of Konstanz is obliged to collect and storethe following personal data of visitors, users or participants for the purpose of contact tracing:

First and last name, address, date and period of attendance and, if available, the telephone number.
You can support contact tracking by adding a telephone number for the sole purpose of contact tracking.
To do this, select the Student serviceContact data tab and enter a telephone number under the application Contact Data § 6 CoronaVO.

General news

  • Since Monday, 20 July 2020, the University of Konstanz has transitioned to conditional on-site operations, in which on-site operations are possible in accordance with the most current requirements and restrictions stated in the Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO). The legal basis for taking this step is provided by the Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO) from 23 June 2020 and a resolution of the Rectorate on 15 July 2020. All events and lectures will take place in digital form and end on Saturday, 13 February 2021 (end of lecture period of the winter semester 2020/2021). All important information regarding studying and teaching in the winter semester 2020/2021 is available at
  • Verified ToR (only for achievments in ZEuS) for the BW emergency fund for students or applications to another universities is now available for download (My studies > My achievments > Notenspiegel 60002/60004). For achievments in StudIS, please contact the responsible examination office.

Documentation in the ZEuS-Wiki

The ZEuS-Wiki is your online reference guide to read up on how to navigate the portal and find answers to your most frequently asked questions about organising your studies. You can access the wiki articles you need in the following ways:

  • via articles which are structured the same way as the menu
  • by searching through our list of questions and answers and clicking on the links to the corresponding articles
  • The wiki search function (article in German)

FAQ - Questions about using the ZEuS portal for students

For information about the most important topics have a look at the page FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about using the ZEuS portal for students.

New features in ZEuS and in the ZEuS-Wiki

Since ZEuS is continually growing and expanding its services, you will also notice our features evolving over time. The LSF online course catalogue and the exam administration which had been managed with StudIS/Prüfungen are now integrated into ZEuS. By this, your options for planning your studies have been extended significantly.

→ Visit our New ZEuS features for students page to find out how.

→ Information provided in the ZEuS about recent changes in ZEuS are listed below:

Latest news:
  • Look at this article to learn how to register for one of the 450 study spaces in the library due to the limited on-site operation of the university.
  • In the Registering for exams - overview article you can find all you need to know concerning examination registration in ZEuS. Please note, in this context, that you can use the TAN lists wich are required for registration as long as all numbers are used up - they will remain valid for semesters to come. Here you find all information concerning the process of using a TAN.
  • Special information concerning registration for examinations offered by external departments, International Office (IO), Centre for Transferable Skills (SQ) and the Language Institute (SLI), as well as examinations which are not intended for the own examination regulations you will find here.
  • The internship management in ZEuS article offers you information and instructions for internship registration and cancelling processes.

Information for doctoral students

If you are also enroled as a student, registration for courses in ZEuS is only possible in the "student" role. Read this for more information.

Wiki articles for ZEuS for students

Articles structured by the ZEuS portal menu

Additional articles


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