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Overview - Keeping track of your bills and payments

Go to the Bills and payments tab to review payments you have already made as well as bills you must still settle, including due dates. Please note that the invoice number is not the reference number for your re-registration fees. You can find the correct reference number (beginning with the numbers 126) on your student data sheet, which you received in the mail at the beginning of the semester.


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ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Bills and payments tab

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The screen shot contains several numbers that refer to the information provided in this article:

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Under Bills, you can view your invoices.
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The page also contains information about the due date of your payments. The table is structured as follows:
Semester: 1 = summer semester, 2 = winter semester
SZ = Semesterzeitraum (semester period)
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The Reminder fee from is the date you must settled your bill by. If we do not receive your payment before or on this date, you will be charged a fine and, failing to settle your bills even then, face exmatriculation.
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The Invoice number is generated by the system - please note that this is not the reference number you need to provide when paying your re-registration fees.
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The To Pay column shows the amount of money you need to pay to the university.
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The Credit column shows the amount of money you have already paid.
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The Unpaid column indicates the amount you have yet to pay.
The Actions column shows the options that you have with regard to your invoices:
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Clicking on this symbol ZEuS icon Anzeige.png will take you to the details of your invoice, which include the following items:
Display of invoice lines

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This symbol ZEuS icon Euro.png is only active if your payment has been received by the university (it will be shaded grey at all other times). Here you can review the payments you have made. Further information is available under item ZEuS Stempel10.png.
ZEuS Stempel10.png The Payments section will only show if you clicked on the corresponding button ZEuS icon Euro.png in the "Actions" column. There, you will find a table with details about your payments:
  • The Payment method section shows the payment method you used to settle your bills. This will typically be by direct transfer (Überweisung).
  • The Paid/Authorised on category shows the date you made your payment.
  • The payment amount appears under Amount paid.
ZEuS Stempel11.png The amount credited to your account will appear under Existing credit voucher.
ZEuS Stempel12.png Under Information you find details about your bills and payments.

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