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Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the courses we’re offering and found out more about the lectures, practice tutorials and other courses you are most interested in, you are ready to take the next step: Register for the courses you wish to take during the coming semester. You may register for any and all courses offered for your user group during an active registration period. If this is the case, you will notice a Register ZEuS icon Anmelden.png or Withdraw ZEuS icon Abmelden.png button next to the course or parallel group, depending on whether you have already registered. Once the registration period has ended, the corresponding buttons will become unavailable.

Not all courses have to be registered mandatorily! The respective department / the respective subject or the respective lecturer individually sets this up. So maybe you don't have to register for any course at all while you fellow students in other study programmes do so.

Your registration for courses doesn't imply a guaranteed place. If the number of registrations for a course exceeds the participant limit all registered interested persons will be distributed by rules defined previously by the responsible organiser of the course.

Your expression of interest will turn into a guaranteed place in the course only after your status has turned from 'registered' into 'accepted'.

Read the relevant article to learn how to register correctly for courses using different registration procedures and make sure that you are able to take your preferred courses at the desired time. Read the Cancel course registration article to learn how to withdraw from courses you have already registered for.

Start the registration process

It doesn’t matter which registration procedure you follow or whether the course has only one or several parallel groups. Registration always starts with a click on the Register button. The quickest way to do this is via the

Planner Of Studies with module plan - examination regulations view, where you’ll be shown your courses as they relate to your examination regulations.

However, this is only one way of starting the process. Others can be found elsewhere in the menu. See below for a full list:

Direct registration: The Register button ZEuS icon Anmelden.png appears here:

Alternative route to registration: You can reach the Register button ZEuS icon Anmelden.png, which appears in the detailed course view, by following this path:

There are no examination regulations for visiting students and exchange students (exchange studies) included. Visiting and exchange students cannot register for courses via the planning tool.

Various registration procedures

Depending on which registration procedure is intended for any given course, there are various ways of registering:

  1. Single registration with immediate confirmation
    → see Register for courses - single registration
  2. Registering for courses with group priorities: Set priorities for participation in various parallel groups of a course
    → see Register for courses with group priorities
  3. Registering for courses with module priorities: Set priorities for participation in various courses if there is only a certain number of courses that you may register for in a module
    → see Register for courses with module priorities (page in German)

Both articles include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the individual registration procedures.

Cancelling your registration

Within the registration period, you may withdraw from courses by cancelling your registration or change the priorities for courses with group priorities that you have already registered for. For courses with module priorities you are additionally able to change your priorities or cancel your registration during a separate change period. Read the Cancel course registration - overview article to find out more about this.

Registration status

Course registration is a multi-step procedure. The following table provides a handy overview:

Status Description
registered A participant declares his/her intent to register for a course. The registration request has not been processed yet.
in process The course will be processed after the end of the registration period, with space for participants being allocated by the course instructor.
admitted Your registration request has been accepted and you have been admitted: This may happen manually or automatically. For courses with several parallel groups, you will also see the group priority.
rejected The registration was rejected by automatic procedure (e.g. lottery) and the participant was not allocated a place in an alternative group either (other parallel group or other course within the same module).
withdrawn A participant had registered for a course but has since cancelled his/her registration, thereby withdrawing from the course.

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