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The course catalogue contains information about all courses offered by the university in any given semester. These include seminars, lectures, practice tutorials and other university courses or events. It is organised hierarchically.

The University of Konstanz’s publicly accessible course catalogue can be found under CoursesShow university course catalogue.

» Direct link to the course catalogue in ZEuS «

Here you can view all courses offered in any given semester, sorted by study programme. You will not need to log in to access this function.

The University of Konstanz’s course catalogue

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Show university course catalogue

ZEuS VVZanzeigen en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
First, use the dropdown menu to choose the Semester you wish to view all available courses for.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
After selecting your semester, the course catalogue will load as a tree structure, sorted by degree and other available courses, e.g. cross-disciplinary ones.
  • By clicking on the ZEuS PlusSymbol.png- or ZEuS MinusSymbol.png symbols, you can expand/collapse additional levels until you reach the bottom where you’ll find all courses with their parallel groups.
  • „Empty structures“ are clearly recognisable by the missing “plus” symbol.
Please choose the Actions column to access various viewing options.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
If you require a permalink of the element in order to copy and share it, look for this chain symbol. It indicates a permanent link that refers to a stable URL. This option is available for examination regulations, accounts and sub-modules. Clicking on it will activate a pop-up window containing the link that you can then save to your clipboard for further use.
ZEuS icon Screenshot.png View details Permalink

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The display of the course catalogue is also available to users who are not logged in. However, if you are logged in, you also have the option of exporting the course catalogue or parts of it as a PDF file. To do so, click on the PDF icon at the desired element. The export will then be started in the background and displayed at the top of the page in an area that provides a link for the export status display. Once the file is completely generated, you can open it.
ZEuS_icon_Screenshot.png PDF-Export

ZEuS VVZanzeigen Export en.png

ZEuS VVZanzeigen Export Status en.png

ZEuS Stempel5.png
  • Expanded partial trees - recognisable by the ZEuS MinusSymbol.png symbol in front of the name - are marked by two arrows pointing inwards: EXA icon VVZ zuklappen.png. Click on them to collapse the partial tree including all opened elements.
  • Collapsed partial trees - recognisable by the ZEuS PlusSymbol.png symbol in front of the designation - are marked by two arrows pointing outwards: EXA icon VVZ aufklappen.png. Click on them to expand all elements right down to the lowest level, i.e. courses with parallel groups.
Please note that this may take a while where large and intricate examination regulations are involved. We recommend that you expand the individual sub-levels one by one.
ZEuS Stempel6.png Click on the course link for the parallel group, to learn more about the course. For further information, please read the article View course details.

You will encounter the following symbols (icons):

ZEuS icon VVZ Überschrift.png Header - structures the course catalogue
ZEuS icon VVZ PO.png Examination regulations
ZEuS icon Modul.png Module
ZEuS icon VVZ Konto.png Account / sub-module
ZEuS icon VVZ VAKontol.png Course account - identical to the “Account / sub-module” icon
ZEuS icon VVZ VA.png Course - the open book symbolises the course
ZEuS icon VVZ PG.png Parallel group

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