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You will read a lot about parallel groups when using ZEuS to manage your courses and examinations. Some courses have only one parallel group, others have several. The symbol for parallel groups ZEuS icon VVZ PG.png is also used for single examination dates. You can find parallel groups by accessing the following menu items:

→ in the course catalogue

ZEuS PG VVZ en.png
→ in the Planner Of Studies with module plan

ZEuS PG Studienplaner en.png
→ in the schedule

ZEuS PG Stundenplan en.png
→ in the detail view of courses and examinations

Example of course parallel groups:
ZEuS PG VADetailanzeige en.png
Example of examination parallel groups:

ZEuS PG Detailanzeige Prüf en.png
→ in the registrations overview

ZEuS PG Belegungen en.png

... so what exactly are parallel groups anyway?

This article answers your questions about parallel groups and can help you plan your studies.

About parallel groups

The long and short of it is:

Parallel groups are different but equivalent versions of a course or an examination. You can only register for one parallel group per course or examination. Even if there is only one group associated with it, it is still called "Parallel group".

If a course or an examination is offered on several dates or in different examination forms (term paper or written exam), ZEuS will show several parallel groups:

However, even if there is only a single group of students, this group will still be called “parallel group” - even if there are no other parallel groups to choose from or if there are no different examination forms available. This designation is generated by the system and cannot be changed. So don’t let the name confuse you!

Course and examination coordinators responsible for entering courses and examinations in ZEuS can provide extra information for each parallel group that only applies to this particular parallel group. This content will be available to you if you are a member of the respective parallel group.

Examples for courses

If your lecture takes place twice a week for two different groups of students, or if an additional practice tutorial takes place ten times for 15 students each, in ZEuS there are created several parallel groups. This is also the case if the individual parallel groups are not taught simultaneously...

... but, for example, one on Mondays, one on Tuesdays, the first at 8:15, the second at 10:00

... and not necessarily by the same lecturer.

Parallel groups are thus versions of the same course for different groups of students. It is therefore a matter of time and interest which parallel group you decide to register for, if there are several to choose from.

Examples for examinations

Concerning examinations, you can find different examination periods (main date/follow-up date) or several examination forms (term paper/written exam). Technically, in ZEuS are also used parallel groups for these purposes, so there are different parallel groups for ...

... the written exam in the main date an in the follow-up date period

... the written exam an the term paper which you can do as an alternative

As with courses, here it is also the question what kind of proof of performance you prefer. Related with the examination regulation, all possibilities are equal.

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