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ZEuS after update with a new look

The update of ZEuS on 17.09.2020 has brought about a change:

  • First and foremost and most striking: the adaptation to the corporate design of the university. Thus, the colour tones, elements and the font were adopted.
  • On the start page, under the News from the university tab, you will find the news from the university, which can also be seen on the homepage.
  • Under the Mensa tab you will find the daily updated menu offer by the Mensa on the campus.
  • The design is now also responsive. This means that the contents can now also be displayed very well with a smartphone or tablet computer.

New course catalogue for winter semester 2020/21

The new course catalogue for the winter semester 2020/21 has been published on 15 August 2020.

Internship management in ZEuS

You can find all information concerning internship management in ZEuS on the overview page. Instructions for the register and withdraw process, as well as tips how to find a suitable place for your internship are presented there.

Exams are integrated in ZEuS for all students in December 2019

Finally the time has come - starting on 4 December, we provide exam management with ZEuS!

With this we offer one portal for all questions concerning studies!

What's new?

  • ZEuS icon Prüfung.png Exams are integrated in the study planner structure highlighted with this icon.
  • A new ZEuS TAN list can be generated on the menu item My studies → Student service"Certificates" tab using the authorization provided there.
    → Please read the Exam registration using a TAN article to get further information.
  • All exam registrations in winter semester 2019/20 are realised in ZEuS - for this, open the familiar tree structure in the Planner of Studies and register for exams using the provided button. On the Registering for exams - overview page you can also an overview of the different methods of registration processes.
  • Almost all students can also find the grades of the latest semesters under the menu item Achievements.
    → If you are registered for one of the few study programmes which provide the achievements still in StudIS/examinations, you can find a notice on your ZEuS start page.

New course catalogue for winter semester 2019/2020

The new course catalogue for the winter semester 2019 has been published on 11 July 2019.

New course catalogue for summer semester 2019

The new course catalogue for the summer semester 2019 will be published on 11 February 2019.

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