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You can find all recently published news on page New ZEuS features for students.

New course catalogue for winter semester 2020/21

The new course catalogue for the winter semester 2020/21 has been published on 15 August 2020.

Internship management in ZEuS

You can find all information concerning internship management in ZEuS on the overview page. Instructions for the register and withdraw process, as well as tips how to find a suitable place for your internship are presented there.

Exams are integrated in ZEuS for all students in December 2019

Finally the time has come - starting on 4 December, we provide exam management with ZEuS!

With this we offer one portal for all questions concerning studies!

What's new?

  • ZEuS icon Prüfung.png Exams are integrated in the study planner structure highlighted with this icon.
  • A new ZEuS TAN list can be generated on the menu item My studies → Student service"Reports" tab using the authorization provided there. → Please read the Exam registration using a TAN article to get further information.
  • All exam registrations in winter semester 2019/20 are realised in ZEuS - for this, open the familiar tree structure in the Planner of Studies and register for exams using the provided button. On the Registering for exams - overview page you can also an overview of the different methods of registration processes.
  • Almost all students can also find the grades of the latest semesters under the menu item Achievements. → If you are registered for one of the few study programmes which provide the achievements still in StudIS/examinations, you can find a notice on your ZEuS start page.

New course catalogue for winter semester 2019/2020

The new course catalogue for the winter semester 2019 has been published on 11 July 2019.

New course catalogue for summer semester 2019

The new course catalogue for the summer semester 2019 will be published on 11 February 2019.

Goodbye StudIS/examinations – Hello ZEuS! Students of Rechtswissenschaft (State Examination in Law) will be the first ones to register for exams via ZEuS starting in the winter semester 2018/19

Dear students,

In 2018/19, the University of Konstanz will start migrating its exam administration system from StudIS/examinations to ZEuS.

By changing the examination administration of study programme Staatsexamen Rechtswissenschaft (State Examination in Law) from StudIS/examinations to ZEuS in the winter semester 2018/19 we'll make the next step in ZEuS. From 12 September 2018, you will therefore be able to view the following new menu items under the „My studies“ tab: „Register for exams“ and „My achievements“.

Are you going to graduate with a bachelor’s, master's or teacher education degree (state examination) rather than take the state examination in law? If so, then these new menu items will not have any relevance for you just yet.
→ You will still register for exams and view your performance assessments in StudIS/Examinations as per usual in this semester.

Are you a student in the study programme Staatsexamen Rechtswissenschaft (State Examination in Law)?

Then ZEuS will be your go-to-place if you want to use our student services or course planning features, register for exams and view your performance assessments. Here you will find an overview of all the new features:

More features available under “My studies”

You are familiar with menu items such as the „Planner Of Studies with module plan“, „My courses“ oder „Class schedule“. Starting in 2018/19, you will also be able to access two new items like exams and exam dates. This means that ZEuS can now provide you with a complete overview of your student life.

Planner Of Studies with module plan

If you click on "Planner Of Studies with module plan", besides the examination regulations you will now also see your exams and all exam dates for your chosen semester. The screen shot shows an exam including the relevant exam date as it appears in the tree structure of the planning tool:

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Exam and exam date in the tree structure of the planning tool

Neues in ZEuS Studienplaner en.png

Exams: New icons for exams and coursework

ZEuS icon Prüfung.png Exam
ZEuS icon Studienleistung.png Coursework

Register for exams

This item provides an overview of all performance assessments that you are required to complete as per your examination regulations. Starting now, you can use this page to register for all exams offered by your department in the current semester and that you are free to register for during the specific registration period. If this is the case, you will be shown a registration button.

My studies ➝ Register for examinations

Additional options for registering for exams are available under “Planning tool” and the lecturer schedules and/or study plans. For a detailed description of how to register for an exam in ZEuS, please visit the overview page of how to register for an examination in ZEuS.

Performance assessments

This feature lets you access an overview of already completed performance assessments sorted by semester. You can also print a preliminary overview of your grades.

➝ My studies ➝ My achievements

New course catalogue for winter semester 2018/2019

The new course catalogue for the coming winter semester 2018/2019 will be published on Monday, 16 July 2018.

New course catalogue for summer semester 2018 online

After an extensive update of ZEuS at the end of January, you'll find, starting from 05 February 2018, the course catalogue for the summer semester 2018 in ZEuS. As already done in the winter semester 2017/18 for the first time, you can register for your favoured courses during the particular period of registration.

Please have a look at the ZEuS wiki to get further information about the course catalogue and course registration.

The new internship and job portal in ZEus

As a new function for you, the Career Service internship and job portal is available in ZEuS. Here, companies publish their job offers for graduates and students. There are two possibilities to reach the search function:

  • A portlet on the Career Service tab provides a table with the current job offers directly on the start page.
  • A detailed form to specificy the search result is available unter the menu item User functionsFind current internships and job offers.

Goodbye LSF – Hello ZEuS! Comprehensive changes to ZEuS

ZEuS Ortsschild.png

Dear students,

After 13 years, the time has come for our LSF - online course catalogue to retire. This will happen towards the end of the 2017 summer semester. The course catalogue for the winter semester of 2017/18 will be available in ZEuS starting 24 July 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the changes we’ve made to ZEuS and to give you a chance to familiarise yourselves with various new functions.

Course catalogue to migrate to ZEuS starting in the winter semester 2017/18

You are familiar with ZEuS's “Study services”, which is the site you uploaded your UniCard photo to. Starting on 24 July 2017, a number of additional new features will become available.

You will be able to access the course catalogue by clicking on the new Available courses tab and choosing the Show course catalogue option.

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Menu item: Show course catalogue in ZEuS

ZEuS Menü VVZanz.png

There, you will find the university’s course catalogue as per usual. You’ll recognise the structure from the LSF online course catalogue.

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png The course catalogue in ZEuS

ZEuS VVZ.png

Details about what's new

New icons in the course catalogue

ZEuS uses slightly different symbols (icons) than the LSF did. The following table explains what these symbols mean:

ZEuS icon VVZ Überschrift.png Header - structures the course catalogue
ZEuS icon VVZ PO.png Examination regulations
ZEuS icon Modul.png Module
ZEuS icon VVZ Konto.png Account / sub-module
ZEuS icon VVZ VAKontol.png Course account - identical to the “Account / sub-module” icon
ZEuS icon VVZ VA.png Course - the open book symbolises the course

Improved viewing options for different levels

Expanding and collapsing individual levels is much easier now:

  • You can expand all levels by using the black arrows on the right EXA icon VVZ aufklappen.png.
  • By clicking on the “plus” symbol, you can expand several sub-structures at the same time.
Please note that this may take a while where large and intricate examination regulations are involved. We recommend that you expand the individual sub-levels one by one.
  • “Empty structures” are clearly recognisable by the missing “plus” symbol.

Detail view of courses

  • You may export course dates via the iCalendar.

Further changes

  • New term parallel group: The term is used for any specific course in the current semester; there may be one or more parallel groups.
  • Additional practice tutorials and lectures may be listed separately in the course catalogue.
  • We have also made smaller changes to the detail view options: Further information on individual courses is available under Show details.
  • Instead of a single field listing the number of credits, all mandatory performance assessments are listed in a table.
  • The tree structure is no longer available.

Further functions under "Study programmes"

The following functions are available to you under Study programmes:

  • Search courses
  • Show courses for a specific date
  • Show study plans - view all courses of a study programme in one schedule
  • Lecturer schedules - view a schedule of all the courses any one lecturer teaches
  • Search study programmes
  • Apply for studies

Further functions under "My studies”

The following functions are available to you under My studies:

  • Planning tool - view a tree structure of your own examination regulation(s), including the relevant courses offered, for each semester
  • Module plan - view the available modules by semester (please note that this will be unavailable most of the time)
  • Improved class schedule, export of dates (iCalendar)
  • My courses - view an overview of all your courses

Planning tool

The Planning tool with module plan function lets you view your study programmes in two different ways:

  • Examination regulations by tree structure
  • Module plan

View by examination regulation and semester - standard view

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Menu item Planning tool - view by examination regulation in ZEuS

ZEuS Studpl POAnsicht ohneStempel.png
  • You will be shown a current list of courses offered for your study programme. The planner will already be set to your current study programme semester (semester) and the current semester period (dates).
  • By changing your semester, you will be able to view all courses required by your examination regulations for your current semester. Below, a tree structure will let you view all modules, courses and parallel groups. By choosing All you can expand this to include all courses offered in your study programme, independent of your current semester in the study programme.
  • If you select the applicable semester, all planned dates for the course and semester will be shown. However, since we’re just getting started, only the winter semester of 2017/18 will be available, which means that you’ll have access to the selection option later. Selecting All will show you all approved course dates for the selected study programme semester.
  • If you want to view the study plan - or the courses - only, you can show or hide courses using the buttons with the same name.
  • You will come across a few functions associated with examinations. These are not available for use just yet.

View as module plan - alternative view

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Menu item: Planning tool - view as module plan in ZEuS

ZEuS Studpl ModulplanAnsicht Muster.png
Please note that the module plans are not yet available for all subjects!
  • You can access the alternative view by clicking on the Module plan button. Provided the information has been entered by the departments, you will be able to find out which modules you should be taking in which semester.
  • You may choose between different viewing options that you can activate by ticking the box to the left and above the module plan:
    • The My modules option shows the modules that you are currently taking as well as ones that you have finished, sorted by semester.
    • The Recommended plan option shows the modules in the relevant study programme semesters that you must/can take as per the curriculum.
    • If you tick both boxes, you will be shown a mixed view. This will show modules that you are currently taking and/or modules that you have finished in the semester that you took them in, plus modules that you must/can take as per the curriculum.
    • If you have not ticked any of the boxes, you will be shown an empty module plan.

Class schedule

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Menu item: Class schedule in ZEuS

ZEuS Stundenplan ohneStempel.png
  • All courses you have registered for will be automatically added to your class schedule.
  • Courses you have requested registration for - marked as such by the "registration requested" status - are also included.
  • You can customise you class schedule as follows:
    • View/hide recurring weekly, block or one-time dates
    • Show selected days
    • List or timetable view
  • Exporting your class schedule:
    • as a PDF file, including all viewing options
    • iCalendar (ics) export to Outlook etc. - please note that any changes to your schedule will not be synchronised automatically

My courses

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Menu item: Class schedule in ZEuS

ZEuS Belegungen Übersicht ohneStempel.png

Select My courses for a quick overview of all courses:

  • that you have registered for,
  • that you have been admitted to,
  • that you have withdrawn from,
  • that have been cancelled, in case you were admitted.

If you are on the waiting list for a course, you will be shown your current position. Additionally, you may register for courses (if registration is still open), cancel your registration, change your course or register again.

You can download this information as a PDF file.

See also

You can find all recently published news on page New ZEuS features for students.