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Introduction - getting started with ZEuS

After logging in as a student, you will be taken to your personal home page, the ZEuS landing page. There, you will find various portlets containing different kinds of information. Additional functions are available in the following menus

  • My functions
  • My studies
  • Courses
  • Structures
  • Bookmarks
ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Login form on start page

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The topmost ribbon contains the menus. As soon as you start using a menu actively, it will be shaded in blue.
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Once you’re ready to log out, simply use the logout button located at the top of the page. There, you will also find a countdown showing the time until you're automatically logged out.
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Try this drop-down menu to switch languages. Currently, ZEuS is available in English and German.
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The search menu input field offers you, by entering a search term, the possibility to see the menu items which include the term in its title name.
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On your home page, you will find a number of tabs. Currently, three tabs are installed:
  • Start page with general information concerning ZEuS and different links around studies.
  • On Aktuelles von der Uni all reports that can be find on the university homepage unter Current announcements are published.
  • The Mensa tab provides an overview of the daily food offered by Seezeit on the university campus.
  • The Career Service provides you a plugin with a search mask of the new internship and job portal.
  • Hilfe/FAQ with information concerning contact persons, examination status and ZEuS-Wiki hyperlinks.
ZEuS Stempel6.png The portlets contain information about a range of individual topics. Under My news, for instance, you will find information about changes and news at the university, the ZEuS wiki for students portlet contains useful instructions for working with ZEuS as well as a link taking you to our ZEuS wiki.

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