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There are several menu items with course and examination information which offer you the possibility to export appointment data in the iCalendar format (ics). By this, you can automatically transfer data of courses and examinations which you have registered for to your private calendar in order that you will not miss any event.

Depending from the menu item from which you have called the export function, different schedule records will be exported. If you start the process, for example, from your own schedule, all events visible in your timetable will be provided in an export file - every single date of all registered courses and examinations, as well as those you have saved the date for. On the contrary, calling the function out of the course or examination detail view, your file only contains the single dates of all parallel groups available for this event to be transferred to your personal calendar. Naturally, you can delete unnecessary appointment series from your calendar.

Read on to learn the single steps which are essential so that you finally will see the single course or examination dates in e.g. your private Google calendar or in Microsoft Outlook as well - in order to be automatically reminded.


Die Möglichkeit, Veranstaltungs- und Prüfungstermine im iCalendar-Format (ics) in Ihren eigenen Kalender zu übertragen, steht in ZEuS vielen Rollen zur Verfügung, beispielsweise Student/-in oder Lehr- und Prüfungsplanung und anderen mehr.


Hier erfahren Sie nachfolgend die einzelnen Schritte, bis Veranstaltungs- oder Prüfungstermine in Ihrem eigenen Kalender verfügbar sind. Beispielhaft erfolgt die nachfolgende Beschreibung aus dem Menüpunkt Stundenplan heraus, da dies Funktion vor allem für Studierende von Nutzen ist.

Step 1: Start of export process

ZEuS_icon_Screenshot.png Step 1: Start of export process

ZEuS Stundenplan Export1 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
Click on the Export data as iCalendar (ics) button to start the export process.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
Thereupon, a popup window will open. Choose the option Open iCal-File so that the dialog box will open.

Step 2: Save ics file

ZEuS_icon_Screenshot.png Step 2: Save ics file

ZEuS Stundenplan Export2.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
Choose the Datei speichern (Save file) option to save the generated ics calendar file in your local file system. Select a place where you will find it again quickly.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
Confirm by clicking on OK.

Step 3: Import ics file into your calendar

As a last step it is necessary to transfer the appointment data of your saved file into your own calendar. There are no general instructions for this process because it is effected in a different way for each software.


  • Google Calendar: How to import the file into your Google Calendar is a frequently asked question. Look at the Google website to read the instruction for this.
  • Microsoft Outlook: If you would like to import the data to Microsoft Outlook follow the instructions on the Microsoft support homepage.

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