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Overview - rearrange your bookmarks

Would you like to edit or rename your bookmarks? Or perhaps you’d like to delete a bookmark that you have no further use for? This option lets you delete, rename or rearrange your bookmarks.


ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Edit existing bookmarks

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In the My bookmarks section, you will find a list of the bookmarks you created by selecting ZEuS icon Standard.png BookmarksCreate a new bookmark. You will notice that each bookmark is underlined. Below the underlined bit, in a smaller font and in italics, you’ll find the short description you entered when you first created the bookmark.
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The Hotkey column shows the keyboard shortcut you specified when you created the bookmark in the dropdown menu. Press CTRL+ALT+no. to go directly to the shortcut destination.
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Click on the pen symbol to edit the title and description of the bookmark.
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Use the arrow buttons to change the order your bookmarks appear in.
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To remove a bookmark, simply click on the ZEuS icon X.png.

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