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In many study programmes you are bound to do an internship during your studies. The performance of this practical time is a part of the examination regulations, as well as another examination.

On the one hand, ZEuS supports you to find an appropriate internship offer. After a successfull contract conclusion you can register for an internship just like you do with courses and examinations. By this, your work carried out will also be credited to your studies. And corresponding to the other elements courses and examinations, internship registration is also shown in your registrations overview.

Search for an internship position

The Career Service provides you an internship an job portal. On this platform, you find all current offers for all kind of internships in companys which are partly situated in this region, partly are located abroad.

In ZEuS, you can find the internship and job portal twice:

The corresponding ZEuS-Wiki documentation with detailed explanations of the search function are available coming from the Search for current internship and job postings - Overview article.

Registration for and cancelling registration of an internship

Read the following articles to get to know the single steps in the registration and cancellation process, starting with the Planner Of Studies with module plan - examination regulations view.

View in your registrations overview

Registration for an internship effects also to be listed in your registrations overview, as well as courses and examinations. You can find it unter the My studies → My registrations menu item.

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