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Overview - Your contact details at a glance

Go to the My data tab to view and edit your contact details. Keep reading to find out about the two display modes available to you: viewing mode and editing mode.

Viewing mode

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png viewing mode

ZEuS Stud SService Daten en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
In order to make changes to the address or contact details displayed here, click on this button.

Editing mode

General information

You must switch to editing mode to change your details. Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to your personal details online, i.e. your last name, if, for instance, you recently married. To do so, please submit a written request to the Student Service Centre (SSZ) and provide suitable documentation

Notes about editing your details

  • You can only fill in or edit fields that are shaded white or pink.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*), e.g. street and number, are mandatory and must be completed.
  • Information in grey fields cannot be edited.

Switch to editing mode

After switching to editing mode by clicking on the

ZEuS SF DatenBearbeiten en.png

button, you can edit your contact details and add or delete email addresses or phone numbers.

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png editing mode

ZEuS Stud SService DatenBearb en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
You can change your current address under Address. If you enter more than one address, you must indicate which one we should post official university mail to by checking the Postal Address box. This is the address we will post your student data sheet to, which you also need to re-register. If you have entered only one address, we will assume that this is also your current postal address.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
You can enter additional addresses by clicking on Enter new address. Please delete any addresses that are no longer valid. That way we can be sure that your details are up-to-date.
Scroll down to Contact details to view the email addresses and phone numbers saved to your account.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
Click on the EXA VA SA Reg1SAV icon PGLösch.png icon in the Actions column to delete a phone number or email address.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
You can add email addresses or phone numbers by clicking on the Add email address or Add phone number buttons. Please indicate which kind of information you are entering by using the Type and Value fields.
ZEuS Stempel5.png
In the Bild hochladen (Picture upload) section you can see the photo yout uploaded for internal use (community, bib ID card, chip card). Click on Bild hochladen (Picture upload) to upload a new picture or on Anderes Bild hochladen (Upload another picture) if you want to change your actual picture. You can find the single steps for uploading a photo below in the Upload of pictures section.
Information about uploading pictures

ZEuS Stud SService Daten Foto en.png

ZEuS Stempel1.png
To upload your picture, you must first select the appropriate file on your computer by clicking on Durchsuchen... or Browse.... Select the picture you want to upload and hit the Upload button next.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
You will be able to see your Picture once the upload is complete.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
Choose a Context for your picture. You can decide if this picture is to be used every time a picture of you is required - in this case, please tick All - or if you only want it used for certain purposes.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
If you want to upload another picture, simply click on Add new picture.
ZEuS Stempel5.png
You can delete your images by clicking on the Delete picture button.
ZEuS Stempel6.png
Save your data by clicking on Save.

Upload of pictures

If you haven't uploaded a photo yet, please click on the Bild hochladen (Picture upload) button to start the picture upload wizard. You can change your actual picture any time by choosing the Anderes Bild hochladen (Upload another picture) button. The steps to follow are the same in each case.

Step 1: Select your picture

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Select your picture

ZEuS Stud SService Daten Foto 1 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
To upload your picture, you must first select the appropriate file on your computer by clicking on Durchsuchen... or Browse....
ZEuS Stempel2.png
After selecting the picture you want to upload hit the Upload button next.

Step 2: Set picture detail

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Set picture detail

ZEuS Stud SService Daten Foto 2 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
If your picture doesn't have the necessary aspect ratio you get the message shown above.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
Click in the picture. Select the image detail to the preferred size by moving the mouse while holding down the left mouse key. Move the rectangle to the position you like. Watch the Vorschaubild (Picture preview) on the right.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
Save your settings by clicking on Save and return to the My data tab.

Step 3: View after picture upload

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png View after picture upload

ZEuS Stud SService Daten Foto 3 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
You see the selected picture detail of the photo you have uploaded. If you're not conteted with it you can change it every time by clicking on the Anderes Bild hochladen (Upload another picture) button.

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