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There are several entry masks in the company profile, e.g. on the "Main and contact data" or the "Contact persons" tab, where you will find the text field Homepage. It offers you a wide range of editing options which allow to create a hyperlink. Follow the instructions to establish a link to your company's homepage shown in your job offers for the interested persons.

How to

Step 1: Enter the link text

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Step 1: Entry of link text

ALU AG Firmenprofil Antrag Internet 1 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
Enter the text that should be shown as a link in the job offers in the Homepage field.

Step 2: Open the editing screen

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Step 2: Open the editing screen

ALU AG Firmenprofil Antrag Internet 2 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
Select the text you have entered in step 1 and want to add a link to.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
After clicking on the corresponding icon to enter a hyperlink a separate editing window opens. It is described in the folling step.

Step 3: Edit hyperlink's properties

You can find all relevant settings on the first tab called Linkinfo shown when the popup window has opened.

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Step 3: hyperlink properties

ALU AG Firmenprofil Antrag Internet 3 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
The field Anzeigetext is already preset with the text you have marked in step 2. This is the text you click on to open the link.
ZEuS Stempel2.png
The Link-Typ is preset with URL. Leave this option.
ZEuS Stempel3.png
The Protokoll is also already correctly selected with the option http://.
ZEuS Stempel4.png
Enter the home page address in the field URL.
ZEuS Stempel5.png
There are no settings necessary on the tabs Zielseite and Erweitert.
ZEuS Stempel6.png
Confirm your settings with a click on the OK icon to return to your company profile.

Step 4: Hyperlink completed

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Step 4: Link completed

ALU AG Firmenprofil Antrag Internet 4 en.png
ZEuS Stempel1.png
Now you can see the text you have added a link to the company's home page. It is written in blue and underlined, as it is usual to hyperlinks.

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