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The implicit exam registration process is an automated process that does not require you, as a student, to take separate steps to register for your exams. The same applies to mandatory registration. It means that you are automatically registered for an exam as soon as you register for a course or a related exam.

Thus, taking part in a certain lecture means that you are automatically registered for the relevant exam. You do not need to take any further steps.

Just like with exams that you registered for yourself, exams that you have implicitly been registered for are shown in the overview under My studies → Show my courses.

If you do not want to sit an exam that you were implicitly registered for, you can cancel your registration like this:

  • During the registration period for the course in question, withdrawing from the course also cancels your registration for the corresponding exam.
    → More information about cancelling your registration for courses is available in the Cancel your course registration - overview article
  • If there is a cancellation deadline for your course, you can cancel your registration before this date by clicking on the Withdraw ZEuS icon Abmelden.png button.

→ To find out more about how to cancel your registration, please read Cancel or change an exam registration as a student.

Do you have questions about the implicit exam registration process? Please contact your departmental examination office.

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