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Due to the Higher Education Statistics Act we as a university are authorized and required to record your data, defined by law, and to deliver it to statistical offices. We have to record additional entries from the winter semester 2016/17 because of an amendment to the act of 1990. For this reason, it is necessary that you review your available data, complete missing data and confirm the accuracy and completeness of your entries. If you have already entered the data, due to the law changes, during online registration process, it is already done for you.

You reach theinput and dropdown menus shown on this mask by following the links in the Actions section on the Documents and pictures and the Contact data tabs, available in the Student service menu.

Requested data

ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Enter data for official statistics

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Your citizenship is already filled. Having dual cizenship, select the second one as an entry of the dropdown menu. Show an official verification document in the SSZ for this.
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If you have already studied before registering at the University of Konstanz, provide details about the country and city of the corresponding university of your initial registration. Enter also the semester.
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In case of planning your final examination at a university somewhere else than in Konstanz, declare this here.
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Stays abroad during your studies which you have already completed are also relevant for statistics. Select the country in the dropdown menu which you find in the Study relevant stays abroad section and enter the corresponding data required for this purpose.
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If you would like to remove the data for a stay abroad or enter information for a new one, you can do so by clicking the respective button Delete stay abroad or Add further stays abroad.
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Having finished data entry, there are two options to return to the menu item from where you have opened the statistics data entry mask: If you choose the Back button your data won't be taken over, selecting Save, your settings will be confirmed.

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