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The course details view consists of different tabs which offer you the information structured by topics. On the tab University course catalogue presented here you can discover all locations of the course in the hierarchical tree structure of the course catalogue with its modules and accounts.

Read this article to learn more about the information offererd on this tab.


ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Course details view - "University course catalogue" tab

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Read the Course details view - overview article to get more information about this part of the view which is the same on all tabs.
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In order to expand the entire tree at once, including all levels, simply click on Expand all.
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Collapse the entire tree by clicking on Collapse all, so that only the top tree level (course itself) is visible.
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In the Title column you see the course, module, account and heading titles which the hierarchical tree structure consists of.
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The number of each element of the examination regulations is displayed in the Number column - useful, if you would like to look for it.
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By clicking on the ZEuS PlusSymbol.png or ZEuS MinusSymbol.png icon you can expand and collapse the elements.

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