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The course details view consists of different tabs which offer you the information structured by topics. On the tab Basic data presented here you can find semester independent data which remain the same over several semesters.

Read this article to learn more about the information offererd on this tab.


ZEuS icon Screenshot.png Course details view - "Basic data" tab

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Read the Course details view - overview article to get more information about this part of the view which is the same on all tabs.
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On the very top, you can see fundamental information, as the course title and type, the related number, the org. unit or the frequency of offer.
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The period is the interval when registering is possible.
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The Expected examination / course performance section offers a table with an overview of all examinations possible with this course an the corresponding credits you will earn for this.
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Optionally available, you can see additional information about the course. This includes semester independent details as learning objectives, expected examination / course performance or recommended course literature, for instance.

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